Angel Queen

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Gods Angel Queen
Rarity: Rare
Angel Queen
Trait: Charisma
ATK: 100 DEF: 100
Max: 100 MAX: 100
PWR Required: 300
Skill: [Angelic Grace]
Effect: Small boost to DEF (all) (2 %)

Lore: You always work so hard... Let me use my power to help you! This is just between us, okay?
Sells for: 1 R

Events, 3 Million+ Users Campaign

Also obtained from: Event cards

When used has an enhancer card it will give 300% experience, meaning it will raise the card level by 3 for each Angel Queen used, not to exceed the card's maximum level.

When lucky, you get an excellent enhancement which grants a 150% boost to the experience gained, making the boost 450%