Destiny Twist 3

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Time Period (ET): 10 PM Jun. 5th, 2015 to 3 PM Jun. 8th, 2015

About Destiny Twist Card Pack[edit]

How To Play[edit]

Draw the +1 Tier card to advance

to the next tier!

Make it to the highest tier

on the rewards Pyramid and

get a SSR-L card!


Rewards details by tier[edit]

Tier Rewards in Tier SR-L Drop rate Price +1 Tier Bonus
1 2 Standard 100 Personal Ultimate Powder x1
2 3 3 Times 200 Ultimate Powder x3
3 5 5 Times 500 Ultimate Powder x8
4 7 5 Times 900 10% LG Ticket x1
5 5 7 Times 1,500 27 Ultimate Powder
6 3 10 Times 2,000 75 Ultimate Powder
7 2 10 Times 3,000 -


  • Draw a +1 Tier card in order to purchase card packs from higher tiers.
  • Once to +1 Tier card has been drawn, you will only be able to draw card packs and rewards from the next tier.
  • The Destiny Twist Card Pack can no longer be purchased once both rewards from T7 have been obtained.

Other Notes[edit]

  • The animation may be cut depending on your connectivity.
  • If the results in the animation are different from the results shown on the result screen, the information displayed on the result screen is correct.
  • Even if the animation is skipped, you'll still get the cards and items that you should. Please check your Presents screen.