Drastic Changes in Event Schedule

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Note: This note was given out on July 2nd, 2015. There are currently no more info available regarding the changes made by the developer/publisher.

Changes to Event Schedule

We want to let you know about a significant

change in the way we run Rage of Bahamut. From

this month onward we're placing all events besides

Onslaught on permanent hiatus. Events have been

the core of Rage for a long time, so this isn't a

decision we made lightly.

However, only events are changing. Regular

quests, battles, and other features of the game will

remain the same as always.

Thanks for always taking part in events until now.

We hope you'll use this change as a chance to

reconnect with the basics that first made Rage of

Bahamut great.

Rage of Bahamut Team