Favaro Leone

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Man [Wild Arrow] Favaro Leone
Rarity: S Rare
[Wild Arrow] Favaro Leone
Trait: Agility
ATK: 6,600 DEF: 4,600
PWR Required: 24
Skill: Prevaricating Arrow
Effect: Great boost to ATK (all) (10 %)

Lore: Today's bounty was the big number two-zero-zero! I'm celebrating with a trip into the frontier. I've got a special shortcut that'll take me all the way up to Helheim!
Sells for: 21,200 R

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis free card


Favaro is a bounty hunter who lives for
thrills, women, and booze. His wild side
comes from his father, a pirate. Dirty
fighting is a mastered art, one he'll never
apologize for. A whimsical lie throws him
into the adventure of a lifetime.