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Here you'll find some help on common questions about this Wiki. Please keep in mind that this page is an on-going construction page. Please use the 'Discussion' tab to leave any feedback, comments, or questions.


About Wiki[edit]

A place for Rage of Bahamut players to share information related to the game. Any contribution is welcomed :)

  1. Please DO NOT create accounts here and post spam about your codes.
  2. Please refrain from creating personal pages unless you contributed several pages of information
  3. Please help by leaving any doubts you have in the discussion tab of said page to help us correct any mistakes :)

How to Contribute[edit]

Although it is not a requirement, it is always helpful to register an account here on Wiki before contributing. Reason? So that we have a valid USERID that we can refer to and/or relay any questions to. Without registering, an IP address is instead listed as the contributor. It would be difficult to communicate with you without a USERID.

Please DO NOT create accounts here and post spam about your codes. Please refrain from creating personal pages unless you contributed several pages of information Please help by leaving any doubts you have in the discussion tab of said page to help us correct any mistakes :)

Any information here may be up to editing. If there is information missing, please feel free to contribute accurate and relevant information pertaining to that page. On the page in question, click 'Edit' on the to right side of the page. This will bring you to a screen which you are able to add, change, replace, or delete, any information which may be missing, inaccurate, or inappropriate. You may then click on 'Show preview' to see how your edit would look. When you are satisfied and finished with your edit, enter a brief comment in the 'Summary' about what was done and click 'Save Page'. You can also check the box 'Watch this page' so that any other edit or revision done can be brought to your attention (another reason why registering an account is important).

Creating a Page[edit]

Just use the searchbox (top right) and enter the base form card name (ensure proper spelling AND case sensitive *), event or mystery box (special card packs i.e. 1st Birthday). If it does not yet exists you will find a link like:

"Create the page "Daphne" on this wiki!"

In this case you can click on the card name to open a new and empty wiki-page. Add and fill out the template which is explained in the next chapter. Upload card images (you can get them from japanese wiki)

  • For more detailed information on adding a new Card page, Click here! ** See below for other helpful info.
  • For information on how to add an Event page, click here!

Please read the directions when adding a new page. This will help to keep Wiki uniformed and consistent.

* Case sensitive - entering Sword Valkyrie is different from Sword valkyrie as is sword Valkyrie. Use the exact spelling and case as in game.'

For more help and information on editing a page, see Help:Editing.

Adding-soon-to-be-released card[edit]

With the to-be-released card that has got its image up in the Official Facebook page[1] or in game event. You can go to the Japanese wiki to find that card and add it in our database. Man card Gods card Demons card

Search for its image in the link above, and then that card will pop up. The listing order is N -> HN -> R -> HR -> SR -> SSR -> L -> XL -> 5th evole and referral card. Warning: You will have to wait a few mins for the page to load completely)

When downloading image from JPN wiki, you can choose between the small version(Right click at that image and Save) or click the link below the image for best resolution for that card.

Any card that got its name bolded in yellow on JPN wiki are the newest card in RoB, their stat/skill and even their image might not be shown until release.

Note: If you don't know basic Japanese(By that I mean you know enough to understand what it means), please refrain from using google to translate lore/skill etc. No one would want to read an incomplete and awkward line like "let's mamoritai a friend!"

Uploading Images[edit]

Uploading images can be done from here.
When uploading pictures,please use the following naming convention for file names:
The file name should contain the card's name and card form as number starting going from 1(base) to 4(final).
Remove existing spaces so that each form of "Baby Dragon" resolves to BabyDragon1.JPG, BabyDragon2.JPG, etc (1)
This convention keeps everything uniform and the files are easier to find when they're needed!

Images can be created when making a screenshot with your phone, or from the japanese wiki.

(1) Exception: If you are using the template that uses the PAGENAME for the image. i.e. "Rookie Summoner" would be "Rookie_Summoner1.jpg"

Q & A[edit]

What is all the information on the card?[edit]


Here's a small diagram explaining the information found on the cards.

Card Details.jpg

I misspelled the name of the card when I put it in Wiki. What can I do?[edit]


You can click on the widget next to 'View history' on the upper right of the page. Select 'Move' and then in the 'To new title' enter the new page title, then click on 'Move page.' Wiki will automatically move the old page data and create a #Redirect to the new page title. We recommend reading the notes contained on the Move page for further instructions and information. See example below:

How to Move page.png

Likewise, if you see a page that was taken from the Japanese version (as was the case for Media aka Medea), you can move that as well.

If the page already exists in Wiki that you are wanting to move (example: spelling), you can just use a Redirect command on that page you are wanting to move. If you are unsure on what or how to do it, please just leave a note. Otherwise, you can use:

#REDIRECT [[''Page to redirect to'']]

So, if you've created a page like Goblin sorcerer and Goblin Sorceror already exists with all the information on it AND the correct spelling and case is Goblin Sorcerer, then just use the 'Move' function on the page with all the information AND use the #Redirect command on the wrong case (capital or lower case error) page. It should look like this:

#REDIRECT [[Goblin Sorcerer]]

You'll then see that Goblin Sorceror AND Goblin sorcerer are being redirected to Goblin Sorcerer.

What are some of the editing codes used in creating pages?[edit]


Generally, there are templates that are in place to use. For more information on adding Card or Event pages, see the link above.

Other templates that are available to use are:

Template 'Rewards'
Code Result Code Result Code Result
{{Holy Powder}} Reward HolyPowder.jpg Holy Powder {{Cure Water (Personal)}} Reward CW Personal.jpg Cure Water (Personal) {{Holy Powder (Personal)}} Reward HP Personal.jpg Holy Powder (Personal)
{{PREMIUM CP Claim Ticket}} Reward PremiumCP.jpg Premium CP Claim Ticket {{HR & UP CP Claim Ticket}} Reward OverHR.jpg HR & UP CP Claim Ticket {{Rare and UP}} Reward RareUP.jpg Rare & UP CP Claim Ticket
{{Angel Queen}} Reward AngelQueen.jpg Angel Queen {{Archangel Queen}} Reward ArchAngelQueen.jpg Archangel Queen {{Devil Queen}} Reward DevilQueen.jpg Devil Queen
{{Cure Water}} Reward CureWater.jpg Cure Water {{Friendship Points}} Reward FriendshipPoints.jpg Friendship Points {{Card x}} Reward Card.jpg Card x
{{Rupies}} Reward Rupies.jpg Rupies {{Gold Dragon}} Reward GoldDragon.jpg Gold Dragon [[File:News.jpg|73px]] News.jpg

You can also use:

{{Rewards|''Card name''|''Quantity''}}  - for Card name, image, and rarity with quantity (optional)

{{Smallercard|'''Card name'''}}}  - for Card name, image, rarity, power, clean base attack/defense points, and skill(s)

Replace '''Card name''' with Medea

...the result is


(SS Rare)
x 1


SS Rare (PWR: 34)
ATK: 4,320
DEF: 4,530
Skill: Massive boost to man ATK/DEF (15 %)

To create a table use:

{| class="wikitable" width="50%" style="text-align: center;"    <!--Opens the table; width and style can be omitted-->
|+ Table Name or Title                                          <!--Name of your table; also isn't necessary-->
! style="background-color:blue;color:white;" scope="col" | Name <!--This adds color to your cell and sets the name of your column--> 
! Name of the colum without color                               <!--This sets the name of your column without any special colors-->
|-                                                              <!--Used to separate and move to the next row-->
| 1st information                                               <!--Information under the first column-->
| 2nd information                                               <!--Information under the 2nd column-->    
|}                                                              <!--Closes the table-->

...the result is

Table Name or Title
Name Name of the colum without color
1st information 2nd information

How do you make the new 5th evolution cards?[edit]

Ex. Tiamat turning into Tiamat the mad?


You get a 5th form by combining a 4th form with any other evolution. Below is an example:

How to Tiamat 5th evo.png The 4-7 + 4-7 would actually equal 8-15; or 4-6 + 4-6 = 8-14; A typo in graphic

  • 4F 4MAX - refers to the 4th form of a card with a proper evolution of 4 cards max enhanced before and after evolution.
  • 5F 5MAX - refers to the 5th form of a card with a 4MAX plus a base max to give you 5MAX; 5th forms can be 5MAX, 8MAX, 15MAX which tend to be most common.

I have a question about Wiki. Where can I post my question?[edit]


Please click on the 'Discussion' tab of this page or the Main page and scan through the topics already listed there. If you can't find the answer in either Discussion areas, please 'Add New Topic' and leave your inquiry there. Someone may be able to address your question there. Since this is a 'Community effort,' please have some patience when waiting for a reply.

Why did the information I put get edited?[edit]


Wiki is open for anyone to share and/or edit. It is possible that the information you entered may be inaccurate. If you are sure that the information you have entered is 100% accurate, feel free to 'undo' the last revision OR re-enter the data. It would, also, be helpful to use the 'Discussion' tab and leave your findings or explanation there supporting your entry. Before saving your work, enter a brief comment in the 'Summary' as to the change and why OR 'see discussion.'

Where can I find more about what is going on in Wiki?[edit]


You can generally find more information about a page in its 'Discussion' area.

I have a general question about Wiki?[edit]


On the main page, you may be able to find some of the answers to your questions there. Click on the 'Discussion' tab and search there.

If you're unable to find it there, you may post your question there or post it on this page's 'Discussion' area.

Is there a calculator I can use for Rage of Bahamut?[edit]


Yes. There are many useful tools available in the Community portal page. You can also click here.

Likewise, if you have created or know of something useful to other players, you may post it there. Please adhere to it's format. Thanks.