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Some helpful tips to winning at events.

Holy War[edit]

Note: With new Holy Wars changes, this will need to be re-written (for the most part).
  • Always check in per hour especially if you are in a high enough order it takes only 1 minute to check your page if you are in a Holy War.
  • If you can't defeat leader defeat order members especially if you are in a small order.
  • Walls take a lot of determination to take down and are only effective when you have wall wrecking cards like Mythril Golem, Ares and Master Gunner.
  • If you have archive bonuses to a good amount from enhancing you can get an attack in multiple times in the same hour.
  • The key to Holy War is pick on the noobs of orders or order leaders for points 50+.
  • If you are low level and in a decent order the walls can't attack you back and you can still contribute to your order.
  • If you are a better leader or member than the opposite order beat them down they give a lot of holy war points.
  • If you are in the good orders the attack leaders should be able to take down the walls and boost all of your points earned.
  • Decent guilds do decent in events save your Holy Powder to trade the high levels during the event. You can usually get rares for 1-2 hp during the Holy Wars.
  • Orders are picked at random based on your order level. It will most likely be a fair match but I have seen low level orders beat stick at level 10.
  • The last day of Holy War is always the craziest be wary of attacks every waking hour.
  • At the close it takes a couple days for results to come in and after is when the event rares are traded for other cards. Event rares sell for a little or a lot based on desperation for the cards from buyers.

Quest-based events[edit]

  • Try to save card pack claim tickets from holy wars or previous events. You might have a chance of getting the new events cards, they will sell for more then normal cards on the bazaar.
  • Look on bazaar for cards labeled "massive/great/big/medium boost to damage against (specific event raid boss), big/medium/small boost to damage against large bosses. If you are looking for a good event card wait for the second half were the cards that do big damage to the second half boss is released. They will earn you a lot more points.
  • Only hit each boss one time and share them every 20 minutes to assure that the boss dies.
  • Make sure to call for allies not order members after you have hit a boss. Allies encompasses a larger amount of people who will come to your aid.
  • Save cure waters for after you have defeated 3 smaller raid bosses, that way you can proc more large bosses, especially towards the second half of the event.
  • If playing during second half of event and have found 1 large raid boss, keep questing because you will pull up other large raid bosses. stop questing when you get the best Event boss as it is worth the most points. The other ones are worth a lot less and is will most likely not die. Unless it's the highest level of the second hardest boss. They might go down, but don't bet on it.
  • If the end of the event is in immediate proximity of finishing, spend all Attack points or/and personal HP in 6 AP-attacks. But make sure it's done on the boss that gives the most points and that it does before the time is up. If you don't claim your bosses you will lose the points.
  • DO NOT spend tradeable HP as this is needed to buy better cards!
  • When near the last 2-3 days of the event, you can usually sell event cards for a profit while they are still in demand. Or hold onto them if you plan to use them again in the next event.
  • Enjoy rewards of your hard work! Unless the rewards are like the card Aglaea then just write Cygames some hate mail, because cards like that are uncool man, totally uncool.
  • As final rewards are quite poor (no tradeable HP, why?) try to focus on the mystery box and especially on the gold hearts, berries... The second bosses in the second half are not so good in the matter of points but they give a better chance to get gold heart, so attack them too!
  • Don't sell your event cards the first day after the end of the event. You can buy them for a very good price, even the ff cards with a high skill level!