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Previous News[edit]

Here are previous news. Main page should be kept to no more than 3 months worth of news to keep it from getting too cluttered.

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July 2012[edit]

  • (29/07) Double-Gems Campaign has ended!
  • (26/07) 2X the Chance of Getting SR and SSR Cards!

Previous Updates[edit]

January 2013[edit]

December 2012[edit]

  • (12/04) Card pages show Event skill and proper non-final-form stats

November 2012[edit]

  • (11/18) Card pages show skill-% now
  • (11/03) Evolution Updated

October 2013[edit]

July 2012[edit]

  • (07/17) WIKI hosting got updated; now with 4GB ram instead of just 1.

June 2012[edit]