Pinpoint Trait 7

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Time Period (ET): 10 PM Jun. 19th, 2015 to 10 PM Jun. 21st, 2015

About Pinpoint Trait Card Pack[edit]

How To Play[edit]

Narrow the Search for Traits!

Choose a trait pack and get cards of that specific trait.

S Rare - Legend card guaranteed on the fifth purchase.

Card Pack Content[edit]

Draws Contents Price
1 1 R-L Card
1 Holy Powder
3 Bazaar Tickets
100 RageMedals
2 1 R-L Card
4 Holy Powder
3 Bazaar Tickets
300 RageMedals
3 2 R-L Cards
7 Holy Powder
6 Bazaar Tickets
600 RageMedals
4 3 R-L Cards
10 Holy Powder
9 Bazaar Tickets
900 RageMedals
5 6 R-L Cards
1 SR-L Card
20 Holy Powder
3 Bazaar Tickets
2100 RageMedals


  • Each trait pack yields cards of a certain trait.
  • The fifth draw comes with an SR-L card.
  • Each trait pack can be drawn five times.
  • Finish all trait packs and get an SSR-L trait skill card. The card will be selected from the SSR-L Trait Skill Card List.

Other Notes[edit]

  • The animation may be cut depending on your connectivity.
  • If the results in the animation are different from the results shown on the result screen, the information displayed on the result screen is correct.
  • Even if the animation is skipped, you'll still get the cards and items that you should. Please check your Presents screen.

Exclusive Cards[edit]

Since nearly every HR-L card can be obtained in this card pack - just sorted by trait, please refer to the Cardlist to search for cards.