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Swap Tokens.jpg

Get tokens when you sell High Rare - X Legend cards or use them as enhancers.
(*Some exceptions apply.)

Rarity to Token Value[edit]

The rarity of the card determines how many tokens you get.

  • High Rare: 1 token
  • S Rare: 4 tokens
  • SS Rare: 16 tokens
  • Legend: 20 tokens
  • X Legend: 40 tokens

Cards that don't give out tokens
Rares that have evolved into High Rares
Archangel Queen (High Rare)
Platinum Dragon (High Rare)

Additional Info[edit]

  • The available number of cards and items resets at 1 AM on the 1st of each calendar month.
  • Tokens can be swapped for one Legend card per calendar month. Once you have swapped Tokens for a given Legend card, you will not be able to swap Tokens for any other Legend cards that month.
  • Tokens cannot be transferred to any other account.
  • Up to 99,999 tokens can be held at once.
  • Tokens can be swapped for storage tickets, which are redeemable for 30 days of premium storage. To redeem a ticket, go to the Storage screen and press either the Extend Storage Rental button or Rent Now Premium Storage button.
  • A certain number of virtue points are used up when you swap tokens for items or cards.

Token swap rewards are subject to change.

Legend of the Month[edit]

Here you'll see the Legend that was available for tokens.

Other cards and items available
CP tickets (SSR/L, SR-L, Premium)
Devil Queen
Devil Princess
Archangel Queen
Warehouse Ticket
Guardian Angel Queen
Platinum Dragon
Friendship Points
Cure Water (Personal)
Holy Powder (Personal)

August 2013[edit]


Legend (PWR: 37)
ATK: 5,200
DEF: 4,900
Skill: Unworldly boost to ATK (all) (20 %)

Cost: 4,000 Tokens and 400 Virtue Points